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Welcome to Peacock Perch Creations! I'm Lauren, a crafty mom of two who's all about adding a personal touch to your special moments and home spaces.

When I'm not working on custom orders, you'll catch me hanging out with my crew of furry and feathered friends. I have two dog, two cats, two goats, and a bunch of chickens, ducks, and guinea hens keeping life interesting. 

I love working with my clients to bring their ideas to life. If you're looking for something truly special, I encourage you to reach out and let's work together to create something you'll cherish for years to come.

Here at Peacock Perch Creations, we're all about spreading love and making every wedding celebration unforgettable. No matter your background, love is love, and everyone deserves a beautiful moment. We're here to create a cozy space for all clients, crafting wedding items that tell the unique love story of each couple. Cheers to crafting memories that last a lifetime!


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